What is ShivYog?

Etymologically, understood, Shiv means infinite and Yog means union. So Shiv Yog implies union with the infinite. But what is infinite and what is union? This is exactly the raison d'être or reason for existence of its leading light, Father of Indian Healing Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji. The powerhouse of wisdom that he is, Baba ji says it is wrong to suggest that God can be realized only through mortification and total renunciation. Of course that way exists, but there is also the other way which the sagacious saints and pragmatic Siddhas understood and which is most suited to the contemporary times. This way involves striking a fine balance between worldly duties and inner obligations to your own self. None is performed at the expense of the other. What's more, this manner of evolution was also that taken by Lord Shiva himself and ensures most gains with least effort.

A worldly man has the best compass to routinely assess his spiritual growth – his family. Because sitting alone in caves, anyone can claim to have mastered the vices of ego, anger, greed, jealousy, one-upmanship etc. Sitting alone he can also say that the lures of the world lo longer attract him. It is only when confronted with different scenarios involving complex emotions of different individuals that he can measure our spiritual progress.
Shiv Yog teaches us that Self Awakening is anything but living in seclusion and undergoing so much pain to perform 'tapa'. Shiv Yog is about understanding that the infinite energy of solace that we seek outside is actually within us. The unacknowledged seed of potential that is very much there within us has to be nurtured for it to become a tree laden with fruits of all round development and dynamic success in all walks of life.

Shiv Yog is about opening your inner window to experience the beauty of the world as it exists rather than how we perceive it through the prism of our prejudices. Elaborating on this concept, Baba ji's son and the other guiding light of Shiv Yog apart from Baba ji himself, Acharya Ishan Shivanand ji says, "Worship is in our genes. We often look upto some idol to perform hero worship. From film stars to sports personalities, from comic heroes to cinematic superhumans, any new sensation becomes an object to emulate, an object to look upto. This goes to show that even the person who says I'm agnostic or an atheist, is actually looking for a higher entity to replicate the rich feats of this higher entity in his own life. And more importantly, draw inspiration and energy to himself attain higher goals. Similarly, for the devout and spiritual, 'God' is that higher entity of inspiration. Now what do we understand by the term God? An entity which has total control of what is happening around it, an entity which is unbeatable, an entity whose mere mention heals wounds, whose mere invocation leads to miracles and whose heroics in subduing and beating up the devil trigger in us the feeling of awe. What if I tell you that you are God? What if I tell you that Shiv Yog has the potency to unearth the inner hero, the inner Almighty within you?"

Shiv Yog thus is a step wise process to firstly release the root cause of misery. Then as this baggage is cleared, experience a complete life, lived on our own terms and finally reach the state of "been everywhere done everything" – Spiritual Awakening. Shiv Yog empowers you with the tools to make your life meaningful by allowing you to draw the canvas of existence with your own brush just as you want it. And guess what! The benefits of the Shiv Yog process exist on levels you have known and also on levels you have not even heard. From those desirous of becoming very healthy physically to those willing to rid themselves of their chronic disease, from those with strained relationships to those looking to strengthen close ones, from those looking to get that coveted job to those looking for that perfect match, from those looking to immerse in bhakti to those seeking Salvation (Moskha), Shiv Yog has everything for everyone.

Shiv Yog is all about being a winner in life. Shiv Yogis know how to materialize a perfect 100 in exams, Shiv Yogis have the capability to materialize co-operation from colleagues and recognition from their boss, Shiv Yogis know the method to win the hearts of their loved ones and Shiv Yogis know how to lead a life on their own terms. A life with no compromise on worldly joy and a life replete with richness of what is holiest.

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